Club Accounts

Holiday Club Account

Start a Holiday Club Account today. It's an easy and sure fire way to save money for the expenses of the holiday season. By saving $20.00 per week, you will receive a Holiday Club check for $1,000.00 right in time for the shopping season. Holiday club checks are transferred to your share account in early November. A check will be mailed upon request. In most cases, payroll deduction is available to add to the ease of saving. Contact a Member Service Representative for more details.

Vacation Club Account

Plan ahead for your vacation by opening a vacation Club Account. Build your savings and enjoy your well-earned vacation in style.Vacation clubs are transferred to your share accounts in early May. A check will be mailed upon request. Many of our members have been using payroll deduction all year long to make deposits. That small effort of remembering to sign up results in the reward of having Vacation Club funds - the painless way.

Share Draft Checking Accounts

Connecticut Labor Department FCU would like to offer its members the best priced checking products available. Checking accounts are an essential credit union service. We intend to provide this service with greater efficiency and complete member satisfaction. All this while maintain the lowest possible fee structure.

Other financial institutions have imposed hefty fees on their customers. Not so with the CLDFCU.

Listed below are the advantages of a CLDFCU Checking Account:

  • No minimum balance requirement
  • No monthly fee
  • We offer a wide selection of check products and accessories
  • Direct deposit from your payroll
  • Visa Check Card, the first eight ATM transactions a month are free
  • Unlimited use of the Visa Check Card if used as credit/POS transaction
  • Use your Visa Check Card as a credit instead of a debit for purchases.
  • Overdraft protection from your other Credit Union accounts
  • Receive Monthly Statements

There is nothing like the convenience of a checking account and easy access to your funds and purchases with a Visa Check Card.

Share Savings Accounts

Regular savings in the Credit Union are called "shares". CLDFCU is a legal cooperative, and you, as a member, are the owner. As a "share owner", you elect the Directors and Committee members that you want to run your Credit Union.

Your share account is just like a savings account. It is an interest bearing account that is federally insured for up to $250,000 by the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund, the strongest US Government-backed insurance fund in the nation.

Dividends are calculated from the day of deposit to the day of withdrawal. Rates are determined by the Board of Directors and are subject to change.

Current Rates

Dormant Accounts

A dormant account is a member deposit account that has had no activity for a period of 12 months, and the member has not contacted the credit union during the same period of time. A dormant account at Connecticut Labor Department FCU will be assessed a $3.50 dormant account fee per month for notification of the status of the account, and for the continued maintenance of the account at the credit union.

  • Youth Accounts "18 years & younger" exempt
  • Received 1099-INT "over $10 interest one year" exempt